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Welcome to the Seasonal Hostess’ Home Journal, where the love of everyday beauty is discovered through culinary farming, time in the kitchen & food for the soul.

I’m a culinary farmer and am humbly blessed to be immersed in these two worlds of chef & grower. However, most time is spent in the soil, and then transforming the ingredients.

But both are about creating decadent food that will feel like love & hospitality.

At TSH I hope it will be an inspiring experience for us both to look beyond the familiarity and also across the globe. Yes, I want to know what you’re cooking too.

Here our souls are fed too, as TSH Sanctuary is a welcoming retreat for prayer & devotion. It has been my saving grace.

Sanctuary is a virtual place for time with God; designed to be used on any device. The weekly prayer devotional is filled with guided scripture and a collection of inspiring music. I’m so happy to be able to share this with you and it all begins this Autumn.

Of course, every season TSH aims to be a source of hospitality where readers find making home, living & community a more beautiful place just like our gardens. And in comparison, it is in the Father’s garden where you & I grow: to be stronger people, healthier families, and ONE community that values what makes us different.

I hope you enjoy your time here and make it a place you’ll come back to time & time again.

With Love,
The Seasonal Hostess

Discovering The Beauty Of Everyday, In Every Season!

Let’s Keep In Touch!

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