Merry Christmas!

Isn’t it fascinating seeing the eyes of children searching for their Christmas gifts? The suspense is usually at epic levels unless they have mastered an uncommon sense of self-control or have already peeked inside. At last, clasping that one gift in their arms like a dream come true, life as they have known it, is utterly no more and in short, nothing else exists.

You may possibly relate to this yearly homage to the Christmas tree & what joy it brings. Yet, as exciting as this is, it’s incomparable to the awakening of Christmas forever living in your heart.

That joy is the Father giving His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ as Love for whoever will receive Him. There’s no greater example, than the royalty of the Christ Child born in the horse’s stable destined to be to the risen Lord from a borrowed tomb; an anomaly of a King…


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Welcome to the Seasonal Hostess’ Home Journal, where the love of everyday beauty is discovered through culinary farming, time in the kitchen & food for the soul.

I’m a culinary farmer and am humbly blessed to be immersed in these two worlds of chef & grower. However, most time is spent in the soil, and then transforming the ingredients.

But both are about creating decadent food that will feel like a special place.

With Love,
The Seasonal Hostess

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