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Seasonal Letter

If summer was contained to only a thought, it would reflect love & courage as it is the only season that gifts us with the earliest sunrise and latest sunset.

Hello Friends!

Welcome to the TSH Home Journal! Summer edition where “Love & Courage” is centerstage. I pray there’s peace in your hearts & homes as we have grown and cried as a nation and possibly world over the last weeks. It’s truly not just the natural seasons that are changing, but the climate as well.

Celebration of Love, Freedom, Independence & all around the joy that only summer gives. And though the world is nothing like what we’ve ever seen, there is an abundance of Love and Courage, around us.

When I think of love, what permeates, is that though, in most times it immerses naturally, and is free flowing; for it to be authentic or its purest, true love must companion with sacrifice. Truly, it is not until it’s tested, that it can be measured. It is impossible to know its weight or volume prematurely.

Like tempering a delicate chocolate, love requires attention to the elements; with timing and temperature and, what results is a smooth, even finish. Yet, love must go through the heat (fire) and slowly recover.

What are the heart questions you’ve been asking yourself, lately? Are there circumstances that call for sacrifice of love and courage? Is the pivot of this new culture of combined home and work life style drawing you to reconsider how you love others, family or society? Commitments that now seem more involved than originally planned? If we are asking those questions, both in our mind & our hearts, then that’s a good place. We just have to be honest and yes, give ourselves grace, to workout matters of the heart. Especially, when it doesn’t look like what we’ve envisioned. It will be necessary to know what is or will be required, with an awareness of expected stamina.

Summer brings occasion to honor Dads, Independence Day,  Memorial Day  and the celebration of Juneteenth. You may not know but it is a National Freedom Day “which commemorates June 19th, 1865, announcement of the abolition of slavery in Texas, and more generally the emancipation of enslaved African Americans throughout the former Confederate States of America” and as African descent the celebration of my ancestors whose blood enriched the soil of which I stand… I am grateful for their sacrifice to prevail.

Love & Courage can look like something different. For me this season no longer resembles my first perception of pastel florals, picnic baskets and romantic spreads; it was arms locked elbow to elbow in an array of colors for justice. This is painful and beautiful at the same time. Yet, it is vital to stay in balance with love on the scale and measure by it. Love never falls…this is a  journey and too the purest destination of resolve. I am also this train.

Love is also a force and it gives hint to feed ourselves with earth’s nutrients. Whether in gardening, farming or enjoying  shopping for your favorite summer foods this is joys of summer.

And self love calls us to get adequate sleep… to turn OFF the outside, periodically, in order to turn IN…to courage to say “no” when needed so that our spirit, body and minds are refreshed and clear. Hate is never restorative & can be an incubator for illness on any level. 

So let’s be joined in accountability to keep our hearts free. I am on this journey too as it’s easy to be contaminated in our personal lives or a nation.  (Virtual hugs here).

Finally Love…Agape Love,  is a Presence that when you look around and see God’s green earth and it bounty or the night heavens above your head; it is reassurance that He IS…everything you need …for today. 

His Banner over you is love; and you & I are surrounded in it.

Soooo let’s welcome summer bring in our lives and a new measure of Love & Courage… in your home, your work, in your response to life, your passions and yes your gardens too! Whatever it may be, may it always be nourished!

 Love hears what calls to our heart and conscience. Courage is what answers it.  

-The Seasonal Hostess (TSH)

Cathy White aka The Seasonal Hostess

Is the designer and hostess of The Seasonal Host(TSH), where she shares with readers both the discovery and creation of everyday beauty in every season. From beautiful tablescapes and dining ideas to growing herbs and more in the kitchen garden. TSH also includes personal inspirations of her faith that has been an unchanging anchor, as well as featuring areas of culture interests in the Living segment.

Cathy’s interior design started young and ranges from residential homes to commercial spaces. She has a degree in Fashion Merchandising, is a certified Event Manager, recently completed studies in Culinary Arts for Business Operations.

Well before popular home renovations, she saw her parents renovating homes; restoring them back to their natural beauty; this was her catalyst. Dually, she also learned hospitality, and what that means through her mother Catherine, which inspires her work and business today.

For Cathy, it’s an essential element far more than just eating, sleeping and completing tasks. Home and hospitality are reminisce of intertwined figures that if fitted well will positively alter one’s life. Also that those elements create the perfect environment for personal wellness, expression, reflection, creativity, peace and relationship.

Merging her education and twenty plus years in design & hospitality she is designing and evolving tangible experiences that support her philosophy. This parallels with the vision of wanting to see people enjoy true, organic happiness everyday, in every season.

Loving nature, music, reading and the arts; it seamlessly pours itself into Cathy’s everyday; resulting in a truly rewarding vocation.

Cathy is married and has two beautiful adult children and daughter – in-law and family dog, all of which is her greatest joy.

© 2020 Cathy White

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