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Seasonal Letter

“Instead of cursing the darkness, light a candle.”

Hello, Friends!

As soon as the kitchen garden was cleared from summer, I was anticipating Thanksgiving and how possibly, we’ll need to be creative in celebrating this year.

Though it may be a little different, because we’re resilient, exercising safe habits are well within our reach. There are always new, inventive hacks to enjoy the coming season with new traditions, especially with Pinterest.

Even in the world that has become so evil, there is still much good. Let’s never close our arms to new things, because big hearts require big circles! One of the ways to do that is having interest in other cultures, especially with meals and holiday traditions. That is one of my goals this season…having an entire holiday meal from another country. I already know that (most) of my family is going to love this! (I’ll tell you how it goes!)

With new eyes; taking in Autumn, and how with grace and “in step” the deciduous tree tells her story, there’s a lesson to be learned. We can take note that for every connection of the tree to the leaf, that somewhere a positive exchange was made. However, in order for the tree’s health and longevity it has to let go when time comes to part. I’m aware of this more intently on the farm.

The basics of care, any plants with yellowing leaves still attached are prone to die if not remedied. If browning leaves remain, most of the nutrients and energy of the plant attends to that stem while it struggles to stay healthy in other areas. So in essence it’s up to us to make the correction.

Yet, witnessing its come back is a living reminder that we are our best when we’re present. Mindfulness to our current season is imperative… not to what has come nor to those ahead but the right now; we can be grateful that season shows us that.

Like falling leaves, things too become rotten, when it’s past expiration. For myself, I too am letting go of negative thoughts that have stayed way too long, in exchange for valuing the blessings life & relationships has given.

Even when their presence is dearly missed , in order to grow…releasing is the only answer.

We’ll be stronger if we take the experiences of 2020’s winter, spring and summer; & separate the bad from the good, garnish it with gratitude and follow the path of Autumn, She gives us a wise clue; to simply release. When this happens, we’re more empowered to live in the present & treasure the past.

In the same context, I thought about home with that same perspective, only because it really is a new type of season that each of us is experiencing, together, as a nation and world.

Though it’s been challenging it has positively enabled us to think more assertively. And with those thoughts I’m focusing on the softer side of Autumn with the theme;

“Autumn comes Differently” like creating sultry food boards for hosting in-person meetings or to make weekdays special (for no reason at all). And following my heart in the message I bring home & farm or sharing conversations with family that’s away.

Additionally in this season’s post “Song of the Vineyard” is an awareness of Systemic Racism. 

Please let’s continue to have open conversation, bring in accountability where there is injustice and yes endeavor to see things in black and white, hispanic and asian, native american, legal immigrants because disparities are commonplace. “Where change is necessary let’s let our vote be our voice and with signatures make change” where we believe that should be.

I pray peace daily into your heart and that we are continually refreshed in the Father’s abundant love. Through the season I hope you enjoy new posts from week to week & in the Sanctuary with quiet and powerful space for restoration. In the meantime, at home, at work, in the park or on a solo walk, 

How will you embrace the mature beauty of Autumn differently? 

Me, I think I’m going to take one day at a time with a grande’ size cup of Pumpkin Spice & plan for a one of a kind, new family tradition!

I hope it inspires you too, to embrace Autumn differently.

Enjoy a blessed, safe & yes beautiful season!

With love,

The Seasonal Hostess (TSH)


Cathy White aka The Seasonal Hostess

Is the hostess of The Seasonal Host (TSH), where she shares with readers discovery of everyday beauty in every season (naturally & spiritually).

From the kitchen garden to the dining table she brings a bit of work, home life and personal faith each quarterly Home Journal.

With the love of hospitality & cultivation Cathy combines her education and experience into a unique path of culinary farming.

For Cathy, HOME it’s an essential element far more than just eating, sleeping and completing tasks. Home and hospitality are reminisce of intertwined figures that if fitted well will positively affect everyday living. Combined they can beautifully create an environment for personal wellness, expression, reflection, creativity, peace and relationship.

Her vision is to impact people through TSH; so that they are inspired to experience a beautifully organic everyday… no matter the season.

Cathy is married and co-farms with her husband Darrin in Boulder Co growing hemp for health & wellness and TSH chef selection of variety herbs.

The two share a wonderful family: Lauren(VA), Christian & Shea (VA) and a furry son who are all her greatest gifts.

© 2020 Cathy White

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