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Seasonal Letter

Looking For Christmas

“He who has not Christmas in his heart, will never find it under a tree”

Roy L. Smith

Hello, Friends!

Jesus’ very life gifts us an everyday, open book. His life was an austere journey, plotted with purposeful love. He was called to be a light to reveal God to the nations, and the glory of Israel! (Ref: Luke 2:32) Yet, it didn’t prohibit his willingness to come to the very planet he created, in the posture of a servant.

So, what does that have to do with finding Christmas under a tree? Because it’s natural to fall prey to the mighty chase of soul satisfaction; seeking fulfillment through experiences, events, people and yes the perfect Christmas gift wrapped under the tree. And yet, in reality without the presence of Christmas, inside, we’ll find that life is hollow & superficial; a pretty but empty box.

What I mean is, Christmas came to always fill our life’s voids… not just one time a year, but throughout; continually as our lives evolve. Just like the child opening treasures for Christmas, with anticipation fulfilled… but it happens everytime the gift is recalled.

In each of our hearts there holds a special place; a cavity that’s made for love. Even if it has never manifested it is the anchor & foundation for everything else.

“Watch over your heart with all diligence, For from it flow the springs of life.” Proverbs 4:23, NIV

Whether it’s been nurtured or neglected, admonished or taken for granted… the reservoir for this gift of love still stands true. This Love…this perfect, unfading presence, is the very gift that is seeded in the heart of every human being. Planted by the Father and placed there just like the gift of Jesus in the humble manger.

The gift of Christmas can’t be shopped online or purchased in store for curbside pick-up. There are no retailers or delivery options through Amazon. It’s not listed in luxury catalogs or can be  placed in a delicate keepsake …there’s not enough space in the galaxies to hold it until Christmas morning.

See, The Gift is a perfect relationship. Not us thank God, but Him. (sigh…)

It’s Forgiveness, Righteousness & Purity of Soul and Mind, it’s Eternal Life and Unconditional Love bundled together. It’s crazy, unrelentless, masterful love! After the first 365 days it comes with an automatic, annual renewal upon the day we ACCEPT. There’s a lifetime guarantee and every day no matter how many times needed, there is an unlimited refill for whenever your heart is low.

It’s Forgiveness, Righteousness & Purity of Soul and Mind. It’s  Eternal Life and Unconditional Love all bundled together…

You see, what is common in every individual is the need for this security of love; man or woman it’s not gender specific. As noted by Psychology Today love is “our most basic and fundamental need. The very thing that longs in our hearts is the sense and presence of a forever, secure, abiding, love and that’s Christmas being alive beyond festivities or yearly events. 

When we awaken to the presence of Christmas, it is extended to others (Whether In words, deeds or actions, without need of reward or validation). It’s reciprocal, indispensable, and never fails.

Christmas is impossible to be found under the twinkling lights of evergreen or for you romantics like me, no, it’s not even under the mistletoe. It’s from above, flowing through the heart! 

This Christmas may each of us receive the Christmas gift. He knows just what we need!

Merry Christmas!



Cathy White

The Seasonal Hostess

Is the hostess of The Seasonal Host (TSH), where she shares with readers discovery of everyday beauty in every season (naturally & spiritually).

From the kitchen garden to the dining table she brings a bit of work, home life and personal faith each quarterly Home Journal.

With the love of hospitality & cultivation Cathy combines her education and experience into a unique path of culinary farming.

For Cathy, HOME it’s an essential element far more than just eating, sleeping and completing tasks. Home and hospitality are reminisce of intertwined figures that if fitted well will positively affect everyday living. Combined they can beautifully create an environment for personal wellness, expression, reflection, creativity, peace and relationship.

Her vision is to impact people through TSH; so that they are inspired to experience a beautifully organic everyday… no matter the season.

Cathy is married and co-farms with her husband Darrin in Boulder Co growing hemp for health & wellness and TSH chef selection of variety herbs.

The two share a wonderful family: Lauren(VA), Christian & Shea (VA) and a furry son who are all her greatest gifts.


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