A Collection of Devotional Vignettes

Filled with Favorite Scriptures, Inspiring Music & the Amazing Beauty of God’s Love captured in photography!

What’s your secret ingredient for life? Mine is prayer & it has kept me in every season!

Is there any place as quiet; yet as powerful than in a sanctuary of prayer?

As a child I would be drawn to scriptures to pray. Curled in bed I would play soft music, and as articulately as possible, try to mirror the Psalms of David to matching each resting note.

That was my sanctuary. 

Just God and me. 

Without long, something warm and flowing; in what seemed like a running brook would flood my heart & soul and then, there the gentle peace of Jesus, like none other was present.

He is so gentle, so kind, so purely full of good that He even hears a child’s prayer. 

It doesn’t take much to pray, not eloquent words or long petitions, just the true sincerity of heart; with a will to follow where he’s leading. 

From both the old and new testament the scriptures feed the nutrients of our beings just like natural food does for the body. With the noisey, chaotic world we live in, daily negativity chips away at our hearts, but gratefully, we find restoration in the Sanctuary. 

Because the Seasonal Hostess is not just about experiencing natural seasons, I wanted to share with you the very thing that fuels me and how I find restoration through life’s ups & downs. 

Here in the sanctuary are devotional vignettes filled with prayers, scripture and promises of God. Each devotion is uniquely complemented with songs of praise & worship from my favorite artists, all has been significant in times of prayer.

Beautifully, each week is paired with one of TSH’s Nature Collection photographs, taken to capture a small hint of His love from all my favorite places from parks to mountains. Some are from the talented Victoria VanSant, CEO of 4:10 Media who has gone throughout the city and out of ways to bring us glorious images. Other pictures will be from myself as I also love being behind the lense.

So welcome to the Sanctuary!

How to get there? Go to any vignette that you wish to spend time as the collection builds. Take in the scene, reflect on the words, the lyrics song  & simply enjoy them anyway that feels right to you.

My prayer is that we always seek His perfect love in prayer, in whatever the season!

Blessings & Love !


Disclaimer: TSH does not own the copyrights to the music or videos directed on this site.