Finding Your Why To Alternative Drinking

© 2020 Cathy White
© 2020 Cathy White

Symbolic to love & success, May is a bridge connecting a somewhat calm spring to a myriad of summer events.

This season, from the east coast to the west coast and around the globe, presents a space most of us have never been in before: entering a period of festivities while also being in confinement. For our health’s sake, most of our lives have been on hold, peering through imaginative lenses for glimpses of familiar socialization.

For three months and counting, we’ve had invitations in hand like golden tickets awaiting redemption. And who is not excited to hug again…cheek to cheek in “friend selfie pose”, wiping tears, recalling the sweetness of human touch.

And the truth is in our isolation, alcohol has become, for some of us, a counselor, companion and bestie. Always available and answering every call. This is disheartening. My concern, with wanting others to find joy no matter where they are is that, hopefully, we don’t find solace by the silent numbness of cheerful glasses. In the process we can be totally  unaware that it’s destroying our present and future, one glass at a time. Without having “balance” we see anchored marriages & innocent relationships torn in compromising actions due to misuse of alcohol.

Everyone of us is being tested at different levels. If we neglect to solve our daily issues with healthy alternatives, like the bridge from spring to summer, we leave a trail, of broken, shattered pieces, no longer the person we knew just a few months ago. The effects create a gap for an already shaken generation of young people who need a trusted parent, aunt, uncle, friend, or mentor to guide them.

During this time, I want to introduce another bridge. Imagine a boat, your boat, on the other side of a stormy sea. Inside this boat is calm and represents your environment and the things you can control: your mind, personal decisions, your choices. Even when the outside seas get a bit rough, what’s inside the boat is protected from the choppy waters and will eventually make its way to land.

How do you see the boat approaching the shore? Are you able to access what’s ahead? Will you find new opportunities or have to do damage control? Is there leadership and teamwork present that will enable you to keep thriving? What do you wish to see? And most importantly why?

Now locate your why? Write it down. Put it in your phone, pocket, purse or better yet alongside your selfie, or next to pictures of your children, family, friends or purpose.

And starting today, if any of this has been an issue whether you’ve been feeling down or frustrated or are gearing up for the next upcoming barbecue you’ll have your why to support you. And when faced with the urge to drink away the storm, you’ll have the balance and fuel to keep calm inside the boat.

-To Safe & Happy Celebrations, TSH

Guests & Host Tips:

As a guest make an agreement with someone who is socially responsible. No, they don’t have to even be a close friend but find a person who will be accountable. Agree to contact via phone or text before an event. When declining be polite and feel free to share your why. You may be helping someone else.

Hosting Tips:

  • Experiment with pairing delicious mocktails with your menu.
  • Always display alternatives with the same attention.
  • Keep basic stock Ginger Ales, Club Sodas & mint leaves.
  • Also Try out Zero- Proof Cocktails, it’s beautifully illustrated with innovative & thoughtful drink alternatives for every occasion..

    Zero-Proof Cocktails
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