Here’s My International Basil Inspirations



Bean Soups, Couscous, Curry, Curry Chicken & Rice.


Basil is known as Tulsi and not for cooking but for culinary use it is a basis for teas.

Tulsi (Holy Basil could be substituted with Sweet Basil) Chia Tulsi Tea/Tulsi Water good for lowering acidity in the body. It is drunk regularly throughout the day to bring calm & balance.


Bai gkaprow is a paste made with basil, garlic cloves, fresh chilies, and fish sauce and is used on meats, pork & seafood. Remember these base words when or on menus:

Bai = Basil base
Pad gkaprow = stir fry


Au Pistou is a mixture of basil, garlic, and olive oil served as condiments for all types of pasta, soup base such as the famous Soupe au Pistou In Provence.


Smaller Basil leaves are mixed with other herbs of mint & parsley and presented on a plate; guests then wrap the leaves around feta cheese and enjoy inside a flatbread. (Ground Lamb & yogurt, could be served here too I could imagine)


Za’atar Dip is much like pesto is served with raw, roasted, or grilled vegetables, fresh vegetable salads, rice dishes, lamb or chicken kabobs, flatbread & oil olive.


Pestos are delicious on fresh heirloom salads…think fresh, picked, colorful heritage tomatoes or sliced yellow and red peppers! Delish! 

Whether fresh or dried basil either are great complements with grilled fish, steak, lamb curried chicken stir-fry, rice & couscous, yogurt, butter, chutney, and like parsley, always add on the end of cooking to preserve its flavor. 

For substitutions choose basil that pairs best with the main ingredient. For example, recipes that call for sweet or mild basil may also substitute well for a similar sweet or mild variety, just as mild to mild or moderate to spicy in comparison.

Examine the flavor profile of the substituted basil (anise, clove, licorice, sweet mild, spicy) 

If paired well it will serve a deliciously, supportive role!

Research Search Words:


  • Bai Horapa: Sweet Basil
  • Tulsi – (Depending on recipe substitute Basil for like taste e.g. Holy Basil)
  • Bia Horapa
  • Marsala 


  • Au Pistou 


  • Calamintro (Basil Thyme)


  • Za’atar

Basil really is the King of Herbs – TSH