How One Color Changes A Season

© 2020 Cathy White
© 2020 Cathy White

An Observation

Observing the textile box, what are the materials similarities? What makes them different? In what way do the material show unity?

In the absence of the accent color the textiles work year round. Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter.

Adding just one color, the Robin’s Egg Blue can change the season and tone of this collage? How so?

For what occasion would this work best? Could you imagine a farmhouse wedding or neutral baby shower.

Adding a particular color evokes a message. What message can be interpreted by combining these? (e.g. rustic, vintage, country)

For what occasions would these be suitable?

(Could you imagine this for a barn or farmhouse wedding, or baby shower)

Take Away:

If being cost effective is an importance use year round textiles

Use color purposely to convey a message