How to Host An Unforgettable Easter For Children Indoors


Here’s a Tales of Two Themes 

Theme I: Pick a Favorite Story Book Hardcover or Digital

© 2020 Cathy White

Gather Decor – decorate together or let them completely surprise you

Prepare the menu  – kids can be apart of planning, prep and serving 

To set the stage make a playlist for the full effect with movie scores to compliment the theme; it will transport everyone to the land of make believe. 

Let children volunteer or pick servers in the remembrance with loaf or dinner rolls complete with “faux” wine.

Have an enthusiastic reader share a children’s version of the Passion 

Allow for time for conversation

Then the let celebration begin as everyone enjoys a day like no other.

Tip: A great designer always starts with a plan. 

Talk about the book then sketch the plan on paper.

It may alter once it’s all laid out but 

an effective plan initiates good results.


Theme II 

With this theme let the storybook influence a particular food

Use the storybook as an interlude between dinner and dessert. 

Or if  children have puppets have them create a puppet show using the story line. 

Then finish the evening  & an age appropriate (animated or cartoon if possible)  movie of the Passion at the end  have  kids return in character (with  the puppets from the previous story book)  ask them what they learned using the character voice as well as their own.

Older children and teens could coach or be the facilitator for the evening 

Additional or optional: 

If you have older children or teens assist them with the meaning and preparation of 

The Remembrance  to serve the family & in candle light celebration with a choice of music they feel best fits the occasion. 

Importantly each activity should be voluntary  and centered around the special day.  

Lovingly, encourage family members to volunteer. Gently, take the lead if needed &  have fun it !

My Funny Easter Moments….

I remember a few Easter Sunday’s when my  adult children were small. As a mom I was probably more excited than they were .

 At four my daughter was very shy but clearly visible; she was always camera ready. 

Our son…he  hated wearing clothes (other shorts and  a tank ) so he was in pure culture shock wondering what is happening…I think his Dad was trying to help him here.

Lastly,  I noticed the mark( yes) right there in the center …looking at both of them  I’m wondering who scribbled the picture?

Like chocolate these two were sweet “individually”, but together they ‘d melt! Thank goodness time has made them a pair!   

What are some of your funny Easter moments?

TSH MVP Award goes to

The Portable Serving Caddy

You’ll want to use it for every occasion!             

It’s made of four compartments; three for cutlery or cups and one large space  for plates & napkins. Though I’ve only put disposable plates there, transporting this  anywhere is a quick and easy set-up.