Kitchen Herb Garden


Kitchen Herb Garden

You can do this either outdoors or in the kitchen window:


  • Cilantro (2)
  • Basil (2)
  • Sage 
  • Oregano 
  • Rosemary 

*Rosemary Prostrate (creeping Rosemary)

The Rosemary Prostrate planted on each corner and on one border of the garden to deter rabbits as they detest strong smells. Rabbits are sweet but will have all its meals at your place, so I love them from afar.

Grown Separately:

  • Lavender (English) Culinary  
  • Lavender Munstead (Stronger – Tea, Bath) 

These are in a separate bed but as a relative of Rosemary. 

These two would grow well together.

Supply List:

First Plan where it will be stationed – if there’s not a window seal, a tv tray or side table is a great substitute with  excess to direct sunlight. (I use that option in the winter.)

  1. Choice of herbs – the list above are the basics and matching number of pots.
  2. Small to Medium Pots (Bottom should have a hole for drainage) with fitted saucer
  3. Soil like Miracle Grow Potting Soil *1 – 2 bags 
  4. 6 Hours of SunLight Not in direct flow of air vents
  5. Water container – recommend one with a spring nozzle or if not water to the side as herbs are quite delicate. Plan a watering schedule according to the specific plant and/or label suggestions. 

If planting starter plants you can start enjoying fresh herbs immediately. Whether you start with one favorite or go for them all, you will enjoy the rewards!