Listening Room: Why
Ella Fitzgerald’s Voice Feels Like a Long Time Friend

Finding her way on stage following a similar act, young Ella Fitzgerald was faced with an immediate dilemma in the mist of welcoming doubters.

The previous sister duo of dancers had stolen the hearts of the crowd Ella now faced with what to do; would either exit out or shift her performance to take flight. Considering the odds, she trusted her instinct and gift of song.

To an unfamiliar audience she mustered agility; forever changing the trajectory of her life and the world of music.

Ella Fitzgerald’s captured  then and captures today. It’s with her graceful tone and soothing voice, she, to me,  speaks as a long time friend. She had a way of bellowing notes that leaves listeners in waiting suspense; that’s why  I adore her style and iconic velvety sound, because it’s never, ever presumed.

Everybody wants to know about my style & how it came about. It’s no big secret. It’s the way I feel.

– Ella Fitzgerald

Ella Fitzgerald’s music ignites thought, reflection, laughter and light hearted fun for hopeless romantics. 

There are as many as 2000 songs, they’re  sweetly soulful  and simply uplifting. 

Here are my favorite songs that really make me smile.

Ella Fitzgerald is the First Lady of Song for a reason, she’s a 13 grammy award winner with more than 200 albums. 

So whether you’re enjoying a late evening dinner, painting a new canvas, or soaking in the epsom salt & bubbles; I hope you’ll find some fun in these. Please enjoy the entire album catalog and step into her living legacy at the Ella Fitzgerald Official website.

Making ordinary days extraordinary. Happy Listening!

© 2020 Cathy White