Living April 2020

© 2020 Cathy White
© 2020 Cathy White

Previous to 2020, my goals were to plant a culinary garden at Bertha’s Apple or at home, but had not gotten around to it. There are a few herbs we use that has been rewarding but I have just started this container project last month. The main goal was to be as self sufficient as possible… I hope to utilize our efforts and avoid wasting by scheduling them in a menu planner. 

Having read about companion planting I started strawberry and spinach containers which enables an increase in pollination and enhances better flavor… It’s also good to reason to be engaged with the unfamiliar. 

So far half of the garden on the other side has been weeded with other containers ready for drilling. There’s a lot more to do but I’m committed to enjoying the process and am pretty excited. All winter my bags have full seed and plant catalogs and now we get to do this. Underlying I love the fact that me and my husband can plan this together. The other reward is we also get to see and talk to neighbors much more. (many feet away)

Since the “stay home” order, how are you making this term of confinement valuable?


– Cathy White, TSH 

“The process or result of becoming accustomed to a new climate or to new conditions”

Living life in the new “Normal” is like looking out to see in from a total new perspective. For some it’s dropping trends that has never represented them… and maximizing their true selves aware that their path has always lead differently.

For others it’s challenging weaknesses to help support strengths being more accountable to self and less tolerant to past acceptance.

Living IS also more than A DISCIPLINE. And Living IS also a REWARD. Reward is truly one’s perspective however depending on the view 

There is a difference though, one will can make you bitter, entitlement – The other can make you better, gratitude.

Living can define “community” one that resembles safe vulnerability it has an intended purpose & with discretion it’s reveal my flaws but not for myself but that others may avoid the same unnecessary falls.

It’s: being available to others in body, mind & spirit and in sacrifice. Even when I’m trying to figure things out myself…I’m can be reliable.

Living in contribution with humility that forgoes pretense for the false free of the need of praises, nods and confirmations.

It’s caring for a suffering people with a solution mindset knowing my hands are capable of making at least ONE contribution. Whether A Paul & Silas Midnight Prayer or buying 1 less quantity that someone else can have ONE, too.

Living today is maybe in form of establishing new goals for a healthier me. Like setting a sleep schedule for a productive day insteading winging it as I go along. Or making better life choices for a stronger immunity.

Living (for me) in Covid – 19 Mentally is freedom to live free though confined. Using books as passports… exploring authors…using their narratives as learning because with God as MY SOURCE I am coming out of this with something far greater than I begin.

Living is also giving TIME: To Supply God’s Earth with my untapped potential. And this day I am using time to be intentionally the best person “I” ever imagined.